Historical Archive of UGT Andalusia

The UGT has developed a long union trajectory, contributing proposals with significant results for society and workers, a labor that has been reflected in the documents generated throughout its history.

The Historical Archive of the UGT of Andalusia records the history of the organization and constitutes the testimony of its actions. It also has a transcendent function as the basis of the collective memory of the Andalusian people, gathering their struggles and demands along with a diverse variety of testimonies of social, economic, political, labor, and cultural life, becoming a fundamental axis for the study of contemporary history.

The work of recovering the trade union documentary heritage carried out by the Historical Archive of UGT Andalusia is serving to reconstruct the historical memory of the labor movement in Andalusia, to learn about a large number of activities, achievements, and people who characterized and led the life and culture of Andalusia from the late 19th century to the conclusion of the civil war, and to rescue from oblivion the history of those who were murdered, exiled, or imprisoned, victims of long and cruel repression.

This archive represents, therefore, a valuable contribution to the Andalusian Documentary Heritage, both for its content and for the significant volume of textual documents, the extensive photo library, and the existence of abundant graphic (posters, leaflets, stickers, etc.) and audiovisual material (audio tapes, videos...), which has led to the inclusion, by Order of November 25, 2005, of the UGT Archive of Andalusia in the Andalusian Archive System.

The incorporation of new technologies into the management and organization of the archive has been an option that is yielding very good results. This commitment to the creation of an electronic archive is turning us into one of the centers with the highest number of documents in digital format.